This is tasty sample of images to be shown later this month at the St. Paul Art Crawl. I’m excited to finally present images from my past and current wanderings through various foreign countries. This show I’ll be hitting it all with portraits, Lomo, cityscapes and the occasional abandonment-the tasty bits!  Take a look, and make sure you pop into the studio April 27, 28, 29th.

Check back here for the official show card and more details on events, parties and opening hours associated with the crawl.

Jax Building

Casa Alacran Studio-Gallery – 407-B

Lower Town St.Paul MN

(fixed *&%$ thumbnails)
Last Bell, Ismailli, AZ.  Lomo
Cityscape, Baku, AZ. Lomo
Island Cruise, Istanbul, Turkey.  Lomo
Prostitutes,  Xachmaz, AZ. Lomo
New photographers, Mingivicher, AZ. Lomo

Road to Jericho.  Multiple Exposures Action

Mount Of Temptation, Jericho, West Bank. Multiple exposures action.

Beach mosey, Old Jaffa, Israel.

Take seat everywhere! Old Jaffa, Israel. Multiple exposures action.

Art along the beach, Old Jaffa, Israel.

Faux Stretch. Old Jaffa, Israel.

Beach Bums. Old Jaffa, Israel.

Short man, tall tree:  Zacchaeus was a problem solver. Jericho, West Bank.  Multiple exposures action.

Think too much? Old Jaffa, Israel.


Art, politics, religion…tourist?  Bethlehem, West Bank




Classic West Bank, outside the hotel.

Tel Aviv, Israel.

Catching Sun, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pastel (?) on paper, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pick a style, Tel Aviv, Israel

Make love and art, storefront, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paste +Paint, Tel Aviv, Israel.

I agree!  Tel Aviv, Israel.

That wall is that high!  West Bank. (from Martin)

Recycling Fashion.   Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Wall, West Bank.  (from Martin)

Fly me to the Moon!  Storefront, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fresh air home plan.  Tel Aviv, Israel.

Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.  Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel.  Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

From the Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel. Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

Purim: the morning after. Jerusalem, Israel.

Purim: still wandering from the night before. Jerusalem, Israel.

Love Life, indeed!  West Bank.

Alice isn’t in Wonderland. The Wall, West Bank.

Near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel.

Choice Cuts.  Jerusalem, Israel.

Look up!  Israel.

Western Wall women’s side, Jerusalem, Israel.

Mischief!  Jerusalem, Israel.

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