January 27, 2012

…used to run these streets in 2 feet of snow…  Multiple Exposures Action.

Playground of Heights and Depths.   Multiple Exposures Action.

Mid-winter climb cures all ills.

Once: we climbed each challenge…

…believed even fishes could rise from concrete…

…remembered the space underneath our feet…

…and the vast structures above, once ascended, that gave us the feeling of flying.

Muddy aftermath of a Saturday morning bike to class.



Start of the protest on our street.


After a 70 min run and a slushy bike ride, coffee and pastry at our favorite bakery.


Christmas decorations are everywhere-a strong contrast to a day of protest and gray sky.



Dan was our photographer for the day, but we were running so fast, he almost didn’t catch us on camera


Obviously we were confused thinking it was a ‘Jump 10K’ not run…



‘Flying Gazelle’ ninja move.  That is how its done.  Young Grasshopper(s) take note.



Dan finally told us we were supposed to be running. Clearly, we didn’t listen.



The Agony…


…and the Ecstasy of crossing the finish line!


The 10k ended at the Hermitage Museum Court Yard.


Очень серьезные!


We pause to think about being really really ridiculously good looking while sipping a pint.


‘….gonna run for as long as I’m allowed..’

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