LoMoFlo: St.PetesFreshYo!

December 22, 2011

Look up. Spin. Snap. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

The Walking Non-Dead. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

Очень серьезная facial hair. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

Bouncing, Bobbing, Balloon View!

I smell a Lion in my hair,

Laying Down the Law!

And you can’t pull me down!

Winter Survival.  Vodka.  God.  Color.

Eyes of the Decanter.

Buildings in the canals…

..Horsemen in the Sky! Oh my!

The clouds spilled onto the buildings.

Color spilled onto the chair.

We went to the Saint-Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy to see Baroness Lili


Why, yes, I am a saucy Mer-Man with Fabulous Hair and Posing Style.


Odd flying, floating, fat babies on the handrails.


Such a lovely theater!



Remembering the good times Baku Style:  Stout interspersed with double Vodka at 2 am.




The day of all things Russian started with stumbling upon…


…a zombie (or other monster) bust, and a little man sporting wild facial hair perched on the walls of a kafeBar


…where we ate bread sticks (crumbs) the staple of barKafes while sipping tea and waiting for the…

Russian Vodka Museum!

More wild facial hair greeted us…

Making us wonder:  is untamed facial hair and a heaving bosom a requirement of being involved in Vodka’s history?


Leaving questions of facial hair and bosoms to long que’s at the post, we stumbled upon a room of delights! 200 varieties of Vodka!


When in Russia, do as the Russians!  3 different shots: Regular, Ginseng/Honey, Extra fine.  3 different chasers: a pickle, toast with herrings, toast with horseradish/lard.


2 down, 1 to go!  My favorite was the Gingsing/Honey.


I had a moment of silence for the no-longer existing ‘Vodka Dispensing  Machine’.


Not having gotten enough of Russian culture, the next destination was obvious: Church of the Spilled Blood.


The столовая next door for cabbage, baked cauliflower and сок.


Next, due to a serendipitous error on my part, we ended up at the gala celebration of an opera compitition at the Philharmonic-and sitting in the very front row.

After all the gum flapping, the singers got down to business and we heard 8 different artists sing 8 different opera pieces.

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