My camera was left at home, so we practiced with Dan’s camera and had super results!

We ate Chinese food until we burst and then Dan ordered a mountain of  fried Carmel Bananas.  There was much “Waddling” happening.

Then the Extreme Lunging started….

Even the American’s got involved!

Kill Fish Bar to start…

Metro Acrobatics by a talented small person…

..and her slightly taller companion.

Found Dan’s Dodgy Facial Hair Brother on the cover of a Russian book.

First ancient depiction of a bad breast job. Also found at Russian Metro Book Store.

The Men give some posing sass.

The day started with snow…but I still went for a 45 min run along the canals.

Dodgy ‘Stach man was seen lurking in the shadows of the ‘Sunless St.Petersburg Winter Days’ right before he shaved it all off.

Blurry Flurry.  Or Nevskiy Prospect after a Vodka Session.

Nothing beats St.Petersburg holiday lights!

Kazan Cathedral + jolly tree.

Giant Sparkly Cup of Coffee, Nevskiy Prospect.

Late night salmon/spinach Bilini, courtesy of Yolki-Palki.

Last minute tickets to a hockey match landed us at a new metro stop, where we found a posh street dog outside the arena…



…and a dodgy spandex covered fan posing up a storm.


In between the 3rds we posed for photos and drank more beer!




Introduction of the teams.


Fight!  FIGHT!




An evening at the Erarta Museum!

Angles.  As requested.

Break for festive coffee, courtesy of orange umbrella drink topper.

Details of abstraction.

Little did you know, this is the first pictorial evidence of the ‘Screwing-in-the-Lightbulb’ dance ever recorded. This also happens to be Noah. Who knew the patriarchs had moves?

The burden of Christianity.


Finally, after weeks of my students telling me that all foreigners thought that Bears ran the streets of St.Petersburg-which I find odd since, it seems impossible to mistake a FooFooRat dog in a Pink Cozzie for a scary, hairy, bear- I found  ‘ARTBEAR’ lifting his paws, bumping to the latest rap-tastic beats.

I also found this in my flat (which oddly enough had more hair than ‘ARTBEAR’) in happy mid-contemplation of shaving duties.

Owning all things Fan-Tash-stic, he basked in his uncanny resemblance to saucy Freddie Mercury and carried on to work!

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