From Spy to paranormal TV show? Clearly the retirement package for former Soviet Spys doesn’t include a training on how to not be class-less.

Thunder Thighs! Oh me of little faith this time, when D gleefully told me of his discovery while perusing the daily news! I stand humbled. Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Loins of Steel’

Just discovered Christoph Niemann-using cookie dough for graphic art? Brilliant! Current favorite single print is ‘Spooning’ on the ‘Prints Etc’ page

….may cause purchase of large gob off fish eye lens you don’t know how to use, subsequent badly photochopped snaps and green/orange babies/body parts)

We did this in ’08 …illegal tour?


January 17, 2008

Scientists in Uruguay find the fossil remains of a 2,000-pound rodent that lived 2 million to 4 million years ago – the largest rodent ever found.

maybe Mr. Burns was a long lost relative?

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