This is tasty sample of images to be shown later this month at the St. Paul Art Crawl. I’m excited to finally present images from my past and current wanderings through various foreign countries. This show I’ll be hitting it all with portraits, Lomo, cityscapes and the occasional abandonment-the tasty bits!  Take a look, and make sure you pop into the studio April 27, 28, 29th.

Check back here for the official show card and more details on events, parties and opening hours associated with the crawl.

Jax Building

Casa Alacran Studio-Gallery – 407-B

Lower Town St.Paul MN

(fixed *&%$ thumbnails)
Last Bell, Ismailli, AZ.  Lomo
Cityscape, Baku, AZ. Lomo
Island Cruise, Istanbul, Turkey.  Lomo
Prostitutes,  Xachmaz, AZ. Lomo
New photographers, Mingivicher, AZ. Lomo

…is blowing in the wind!  Princes Island, Turkey. Multiple Exposures Action

Junk in the trunk, Princes Island, Turkey. Multiple Exposures Action

Blue Mosque mostly in yellow, Istanbul, Turkey.  Multiple Exposures Action

International Man of Mystery on Holiday. Istanbul, Turkey.


Even Faux people like rock ‘n loos. Istanbul, Turkey.


Handmade Alien Space Pods. Istanbul, Turkey. Multiple Exposures Action



Post-Raki Rooftop (see triple). Istanbul Turkey. Multiple Exposures Action


Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.  Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel.  Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

From the Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel. Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

Purim: the morning after. Jerusalem, Israel.

Purim: still wandering from the night before. Jerusalem, Israel.

Love Life, indeed!  West Bank.

Alice isn’t in Wonderland. The Wall, West Bank.

Near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel.

Choice Cuts.  Jerusalem, Israel.

Look up!  Israel.

Western Wall women’s side, Jerusalem, Israel.

Mischief!  Jerusalem, Israel.


March 8, 2011

Fountain Square at night, 3-4 exposures. Baku, AZ.

Adventure awaits! Baku, AZ.

Waiting…would rather hop on and ride, AZ.

that smile. Minneapolis, MN.

Pillows, Dubai.

Anchor Pub, MN.

Cheaper than plastic surgery, visit your local underpass! (arse enhancement knickers) Baku, AZ.

The Hat of the human radiator looking over the moonscape of Gobustan, AZ

Blue! Blue! Dubai.

Body art, Jackie, Baku, AZ.

Green Grave Yard, Nic, AZ.

Drifting through the moonscape!  3 exposures, AZ.

Close encounters of the third kind, Dubai.

See 3D weeeeeee! Nasty theater bathroom, MN.


From the daily Zombie Commute: Flame Towers, Baku, AZ.

New photos+ writing are on standby.
In the meantime, noteworthy (and not so noteworthy) music/sites/randomness/videos/underground sewerfresh that seems fit to pimp out. (as if they need it!!!)

Dirty men underground London. Can you spot Siologen?

MGMT: Hippie Dancing! Gentlemen, ready your airplane! 😉

Poison & Wine-The Civi Wars

Since I cannot resist steamy dirty drain bois and their photography, yet again another yell for 2 of my favorites-if you haven’t already gotten with it. Groupie applications are being accepted now!



UnderCity with Steve Duncan-that desk job isn’t so appealing now, is it?

Vintage in Saucy Red!

Dirty Little Secrets (an old favorite)

Whimsy&Wonder-sometimes hit/miss but good visuals for graffiti ideas!

Under The City-just started on Blogger: underground rivers/history/iphone app (sweeeeet!)

Oldies but Goodies #3

December 7, 2010

Best form of Cheeky!

Made to be climbed!!

Somehow this made it on to UER (wtf?) which is self explanatory on the low content. Anyone want to bump a long, long, mercifully dead thread? Yea didn’t think so. >___<

Inspiration to a horde of noobs and coutchtoppers!

SnotSickle! (from Krazy) Gooey tasty, kiddies!

Mapping Alpha!

Detroit, Hotel.

EastCoast Hospitals attract the best!

Get Some Action! (under the U of M)

Danvers State Hospital (RIP)

Oldies but Goodies #2

October 9, 2010

Remember: Always Practice Safe Sex.

Nothing says ‘sexy’ like sandstone tunnels.

Filming with Melody in Trout Brook.

Posing Mad Style in the KYT Drain!


They hid the bodies in the cellar!

Sandstone! Poop! Tunnels! Caves! What better way to spend university break in the middle of winter? Exactly.

It didn’t happen unless there is a group shot.

KD Station!

The Great Gatsby.

Sheiks: Scum above and below.

Drop Shaft, Amph Drain, when Siolo invaded Mpls.

Oldies but goodies #1

October 5, 2010

Last night in Detroit, Dead Prez Drain. RIP Dev.

Drum Peeing While High.

Beer Command!

Slim Jimmah in for the kill. Mooo. Detroit somwhere.

Ds makes his MN debut…

Freak! DRAIN!!


Summer Drain (Amph or Temple of Drowned Cats?)

Em and I convinced Nick to make a stealthy return trip to the toilet just to snap this GEM of signage hidden on a FlyDubai plane. Pity the foo who had to clean up after the first misuse!

What better way to spend the weekend?

Bake evenly on both sides!

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