Classic West Bank, outside the hotel.

Tel Aviv, Israel.

Catching Sun, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pastel (?) on paper, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pick a style, Tel Aviv, Israel

Make love and art, storefront, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paste +Paint, Tel Aviv, Israel.

I agree!  Tel Aviv, Israel.

That wall is that high!  West Bank. (from Martin)

Recycling Fashion.   Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Wall, West Bank.  (from Martin)

Fly me to the Moon!  Storefront, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fresh air home plan.  Tel Aviv, Israel.

Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.  Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel.  Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

From the Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel. Multiple exposures action, Triptych.

Purim: the morning after. Jerusalem, Israel.

Purim: still wandering from the night before. Jerusalem, Israel.

Love Life, indeed!  West Bank.

Alice isn’t in Wonderland. The Wall, West Bank.

Near Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel.

Choice Cuts.  Jerusalem, Israel.

Look up!  Israel.

Western Wall women’s side, Jerusalem, Israel.

Mischief!  Jerusalem, Israel.

LoMoFloColourYo! #2

March 25, 2011


Rainbow! Flat #9, Ismailli, AZ.

The 3 Musketeers! (amigos? wise men?)

Lahic (the day of the Polish/Dutch/American invasion)

No Gas! No Water! Take Random Snaps! Flat #9, Ismailli AZ.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. (5 seconds before one ran at me) Baku, AZ.

Spinning!  Novruz.

(the Israel snaps are coming…  🙂

Miss Kim:  Run. very. very. fast…but thankfully, (at least according to the article below) you don’t have to worry about ‘mating plugs’. 

…but was there anything females lost? mmmmmm.

Brilliant!!!  Even if you disagree with his points, well presented, thought provoking…and if all else fails, throw ashtrays! (yes, read all 3 parts)


March 8, 2011

Fountain Square at night, 3-4 exposures. Baku, AZ.

Adventure awaits! Baku, AZ.

Waiting…would rather hop on and ride, AZ.

that smile. Minneapolis, MN.

Pillows, Dubai.

Anchor Pub, MN.

Cheaper than plastic surgery, visit your local underpass! (arse enhancement knickers) Baku, AZ.

The Hat of the human radiator looking over the moonscape of Gobustan, AZ

Blue! Blue! Dubai.

Body art, Jackie, Baku, AZ.

Green Grave Yard, Nic, AZ.

Drifting through the moonscape!  3 exposures, AZ.

Close encounters of the third kind, Dubai.

See 3D weeeeeee! Nasty theater bathroom, MN.


From the daily Zombie Commute: Flame Towers, Baku, AZ.


March 5, 2011

Danny Lunges at the Petroglyphs!

Annie loves the little dancing men!

Martin the strong diverts a train to save Faye the tired.

L-R Willi, Danny, Colleen, Faye, Islam, Dan, Greg, Annie: Oil Fields, AZ.

Mad posing stylez!

Warm up for the charity calendar!  Coming 2012 (hold your breath!)


Modern Art Museum. (from Annie)


Goopy Ploopy Fartting Mud! (aka Mud Volcanos)


Heater! (from Annie)

We think about free climbing the wall…then decided to pay the Xanim 1AZN each  for a chance to traverse a dodgy pipe/board to reach the very top!  (from Faye)

(more to come obviously!)

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