Courtesy of an old Fed3, un-photochopped and raw.

Light at the top of a mill. Somewhere in Minnesota in the middle of a road trip with the Aussie.

When I still thought Broken Glass was fantastic. Rooftop in St.Paul, Minnesota.

Paying my dues to ‘Angsty Lonely Chairs’ and ‘Dramatic White Space’.  Factory in Pennsylvania in middle of road trip.

Dramatic Black Space. Car Factory somewhere in between Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Niagara.

Son, follow the path of light.    Same Car Factory

But you know?  TGC Loves YOU!      Same Car Factory.

Make art from Wire + Tags.   Same Car Factory.

Faux People pose in Awkward window fashion.  On the way to Heavey Khemicals in Ukraine.

Follow crooked shadows nowhere.  Wandering in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tipsy, Flipsy in the Bus Graveyard!   Kiev, Ukraine.

Office.  Pripyat Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Bleak outlook.  Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Propaganda got them a musty closet in the middle of a nuclear disaster. Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Weeee feel the radicals in your hair!!!  Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Dish up Wip-lash with a taste of Meltdown. Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Nature takes over the Dodge-ems.  Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine.

LoMoFlo: BalticWanderYo!

December 26, 2011

Attack of the Annual Perennials. Tallinn, Estonia, +  Riga, Latvia Opera House. Multiple Exposures Action

Central Park, through Black Balsam Goggles.  Riga, Latvia. Multiple Exposures Action

Kadirorg Park, Tallinn, Estonia. Multiple Exposures Action

Spin until dizzy. Fall in Grass. Republic of Uzupis,  Lithuania. Multiple Exposures Action

Spare Parts Shop. Vilnius, Lithuania

…Close my eyes and leap.. Vilnius,Lithuania.

I’d sooner buy a Kiss on a stick. Tallinn, Estonia

Tell them how I am: Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, only 85! Riga, latvia

Graffiti Collides! Riga Latvia

Dreams, the way we planned ’em.  Riga Latvia. Multiple Exposures Action

It brings you bliss. Republic of Uzupis, Lithuania. Multiple Exposures Action

Having delusions of grandeur:…Curonian Spit, Lithuania. Multiple Exposures Action.

Ev’ryone deserves the chance to fly!. Vilninus, Lithuania

Something is not the same. Tallinn, Estonia. Multiple Exposures Action

Cannot Change. Tallinn, Estonia

Defying gravity. Klipidea, Lithuania

LoMoFlo: St.PetesFreshYo!

December 22, 2011

Look up. Spin. Snap. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

The Walking Non-Dead. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

Очень серьезная facial hair. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

Bouncing, Bobbing, Balloon View!

I smell a Lion in my hair,

Laying Down the Law!

And you can’t pull me down!

Winter Survival.  Vodka.  God.  Color.

Eyes of the Decanter.

Buildings in the canals…

..Horsemen in the Sky! Oh my!

The clouds spilled onto the buildings.

Color spilled onto the chair.


Walking down the street, we felt as though we were being watched.


One Eyed Beauty lurking in an alley.


New Couch Topper Paste Up!


SHAG!!  Yes, shag.  We laughed like little kids.


Nicest fish restaurant in St.Petersburg, with a starter compliments of the chef.

Oysters and Snails-Dan flashes a grin before showing me the ‘proper’ way to eat seafood.

Smiles before trying something new and slightly slimy…

Happy look as the ‘proper’ Oyster technique is mastered!

Creme brulee to finish

Both agreed the most unique loo EVER-taken straight from an old Soviet gun ship.

Back to the beginning, we tried to remember (and draw) the 12 Days of Christmas, (on the paper table cloth) but ended up with waddly French Hens and a jolly holiday message.

After a day of vodka tasting, facial hair swooning and opera listening, today was rather slow, however due a series of events (both unfortunate and fortunate) I did manage to end up at a new metro stop just as a snow storm started…

Snapped a bad snap of unknown column in middle of unpronounceable boulevard.

Found jolly snow man perched festively in the plant on my work desk.

Observed the Nevskiy Prospect lights had been turned on (and snapped a bad snap before I was run over by the zombie hordes of 9.30pm holiday shoppers)

Saw odd Faux Humans in window display for (of all things) a wall covering shop.

Glanced at a profound piece of angsty scribble.

Finally snapped my street corner, with a restaurant aptly titled what I imagine most Zombie Fish scream in the midst of knocking boots.

Documenting 18 days in St.Petersburg in both Digital and LoMo (film will be posted later as processing labs here are alas, utterly dreadful)  There might be themes, but if you have any suggestions such as: Bad Hair, Awkward Events, The Color Yellow etc. do share and I’ll take the challenge.

Today is pretdictibally dull, but at least you get to see such thrilling sights as:

The old flat:


The street where I live (brought to you in HiDef Technicolor.)


My somewhat cubical being taken over by mis-placed books.

Street to the left  from work balcony.

Street to the right from work balcony (thrilling, I know!)

Went looking for Jesus…


didn’t find Him…but found Andy..

..and Balloons caught in wire,


…and a leaping Elephant instead!

The eyes have it.   Istanbul 2011.

Non-sense makes sense in street art. Istanbul 2011


Public service for your eyes. Istanbul 2011.


Latest in street wear.  Istanbul, 2011.

Good thing this one can’t actually laugh. Istanbul 2011.

Dynamic Duo?  Istanbul 2011.

Self Portraits.  Princes Island, Istanbul 2011.

Modern day totem pole. Istanbul 2011

Sex sells medical Braces.  Istanbul, 2011.

…then what is it?  Istanbul 2011.

Good fashion is no guarantee against extinction. Istanbul 2011.

Wise advice, young Grasshopper. Sultanahmet, Istanbul 2011.

Classic West Bank, outside the hotel.

Tel Aviv, Israel.

Catching Sun, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pastel (?) on paper, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pick a style, Tel Aviv, Israel

Make love and art, storefront, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paste +Paint, Tel Aviv, Israel.

I agree!  Tel Aviv, Israel.

That wall is that high!  West Bank. (from Martin)

Recycling Fashion.   Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Wall, West Bank.  (from Martin)

Fly me to the Moon!  Storefront, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fresh air home plan.  Tel Aviv, Israel.

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