this is where I’m at

June 25, 2007

Ahhh, good memories shall always be associated with State Street, Philly, PA.

Tomorrow we are off to the grand adventure. First into Istanbul then Baku.

Things actually hit me last night, that I’m leaving, and I’m quite nervous. The group here is solid; people who are passionate about serving others…and its nice not having to answer WHY.  Actually, we are all nervous, understanding that (at least in the case of YD) we really have no idea what the heck we’ll be doing.  The unknown is always more intimidating than the known.

Happy things: 

*having a hotel room and HUGE bed all by myself.

*finding another photography nerd in the crew

*the notes from Kate, Rachel and Clifford

ready to rock

June 24, 2007

if i was really good at writing, i’d make my stress filled dull packing and getting ready sound fascinating.
its done though. finally.
all goodbyes over. (i hate saying goodbye)
most prayers said, though, really, i’m voting for prayers for the people in Azerbiajan, that my bumbling attempts at help just might be what they need.
*pisser, where the hell is spell check on this blog?*

more drain stuff

June 23, 2007

more pillars

brand spankin new!

June 11, 2007

new blog, new colors…

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