After a day of vodka tasting, facial hair swooning and opera listening, today was rather slow, however due a series of events (both unfortunate and fortunate) I did manage to end up at a new metro stop just as a snow storm started…

Snapped a bad snap of unknown column in middle of unpronounceable boulevard.

Found jolly snow man perched festively in the plant on my work desk.

Observed the Nevskiy Prospect lights had been turned on (and snapped a bad snap before I was run over by the zombie hordes of 9.30pm holiday shoppers)

Saw odd Faux Humans in window display for (of all things) a wall covering shop.

Glanced at a profound piece of angsty scribble.

Finally snapped my street corner, with a restaurant aptly titled what I imagine most Zombie Fish scream in the midst of knocking boots.

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