February 13, 2012

Find the creek…

…then the dog harnesses…

…take note of how the trees mix…

…then blend…

…how the colours jump to (dis) appear and layer!

Women & Girls Make News

September 22, 2010

Rape Laws in India.

The finger test?  In AZ rape and beatings are considered the fault of the woman and as such both violations happen frequently and are largely unreported. Laws will do little, I think, (on the ground level in poor communities) unless the laws benefit someone higher up who stands to profit from the enforcement.

Hmmm, disguised as boys?

If this was NY Fashion week it might be considered chic, but in this case it’s simply awful when women and girls must hide their humanity to be safe.

Next generation of ladies will be tough as hell if they can make it to adulthood.

A very informative piece about some of the issues/challenges women face in Azerbaijan. For perspective, to date, 3 of my students have been married at age 17 to men who are 7-10 years older-these men found my students by hanging about at the school gate when the day ended, snapping mobile photos and following the girls home.

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