This is tasty sample of images to be shown later this month at the St. Paul Art Crawl. I’m excited to finally present images from my past and current wanderings through various foreign countries. This show I’ll be hitting it all with portraits, Lomo, cityscapes and the occasional abandonment-the tasty bits!  Take a look, and make sure you pop into the studio April 27, 28, 29th.

Check back here for the official show card and more details on events, parties and opening hours associated with the crawl.

Jax Building

Casa Alacran Studio-Gallery – 407-B

Lower Town St.Paul MN

(fixed *&%$ thumbnails)
Last Bell, Ismailli, AZ.  Lomo
Cityscape, Baku, AZ. Lomo
Island Cruise, Istanbul, Turkey.  Lomo
Prostitutes,  Xachmaz, AZ. Lomo
New photographers, Mingivicher, AZ. Lomo

Flashes of white:



Gliding towards disaster and awkward photos.


Bobbing towards soaring and deflation.


February 13, 2012

Find the creek…

…then the dog harnesses…

…take note of how the trees mix…

…then blend…

…how the colours jump to (dis) appear and layer!


February 7, 2012

Glimpse stars in unusual places:

Hipster Asian bistro.



Above gifts.


January 30, 2012

Mosaic mess.    Multiple exposures action

Paper patterns.   Multiple exposures action


January 27, 2012

…used to run these streets in 2 feet of snow…  Multiple Exposures Action.

Playground of Heights and Depths.   Multiple Exposures Action.

Mid-winter climb cures all ills.

Once: we climbed each challenge…

…believed even fishes could rise from concrete…

…remembered the space underneath our feet…

…and the vast structures above, once ascended, that gave us the feeling of flying.

LoMoFlo: BalticWanderYo!

December 26, 2011

Attack of the Annual Perennials. Tallinn, Estonia, +  Riga, Latvia Opera House. Multiple Exposures Action

Central Park, through Black Balsam Goggles.  Riga, Latvia. Multiple Exposures Action

Kadirorg Park, Tallinn, Estonia. Multiple Exposures Action

Spin until dizzy. Fall in Grass. Republic of Uzupis,  Lithuania. Multiple Exposures Action

Spare Parts Shop. Vilnius, Lithuania

…Close my eyes and leap.. Vilnius,Lithuania.

I’d sooner buy a Kiss on a stick. Tallinn, Estonia

Tell them how I am: Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, only 85! Riga, latvia

Graffiti Collides! Riga Latvia

Dreams, the way we planned ’em.  Riga Latvia. Multiple Exposures Action

It brings you bliss. Republic of Uzupis, Lithuania. Multiple Exposures Action

Having delusions of grandeur:…Curonian Spit, Lithuania. Multiple Exposures Action.

Ev’ryone deserves the chance to fly!. Vilninus, Lithuania

Something is not the same. Tallinn, Estonia. Multiple Exposures Action

Cannot Change. Tallinn, Estonia

Defying gravity. Klipidea, Lithuania

LoMoFlo: St.PetesFreshYo!

December 22, 2011

Look up. Spin. Snap. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

The Walking Non-Dead. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

Очень серьезная facial hair. St. Isaacs Cathedral. Multiple Exposures Action

Bouncing, Bobbing, Balloon View!

I smell a Lion in my hair,

Laying Down the Law!

And you can’t pull me down!

Winter Survival.  Vodka.  God.  Color.

Eyes of the Decanter.

Buildings in the canals…

..Horsemen in the Sky! Oh my!

The clouds spilled onto the buildings.

Color spilled onto the chair.

Documenting 18 days in St.Petersburg in both Digital and LoMo (film will be posted later as processing labs here are alas, utterly dreadful)  There might be themes, but if you have any suggestions such as: Bad Hair, Awkward Events, The Color Yellow etc. do share and I’ll take the challenge.

Today is pretdictibally dull, but at least you get to see such thrilling sights as:

The old flat:


The street where I live (brought to you in HiDef Technicolor.)


My somewhat cubical being taken over by mis-placed books.

Street to the left  from work balcony.

Street to the right from work balcony (thrilling, I know!)

Went looking for Jesus…


didn’t find Him…but found Andy..

..and Balloons caught in wire,


…and a leaping Elephant instead!

No People in LoMo!

July 2, 2011


Plants eat windows. Baku, Azerbaijan.  Multiple Exposures Action


Bugs View, Xizi.


Sanatorium, Mardakend.  Multiple Exposures Action.


Dizzy!  Flat Balcony.  Multiple Exposures Action


Palatable Colors, Art Crawl.  Baku, Azerbaijan. Multiple Exposures Action.


Locked away grass.  Baku, Azerbaijan.





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