tinker toys and lincoln logs and slinkies (Farewell to the Absheron,(p19) spent my frist night in Baku on your rooftop watching the caspian sea, your walls witnessed silliness, may your wretched beds and nasssty towels not be given to lowlife hostle owners. Wade a bit and Baku Metro is somewhere in the mess of awful renderings)

Endless things to do when tired of sipping 33’s


January 25, 2009

There’s some weird shit happening to elephants these days
Squirm session
Neutrons and something about drains
Can you build me a brazenbull
I just wanna take zedanowitcz as my first name
Turquoise is more approachable
Overhand clove hitch
I can do a reefknot
They looked at us like we were witches
I would rather hear slurpy sounds than ‘hawahawaha’
The snoring would send me to sleep

hot topics

January 11, 2009

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